In my previous posts, I was telling you guys how I was on the job hunt and busy pimping my portfolio and getting everything prepared…well it worked! 
I just finished my first week at a design studio called Southern Design as their new Graphic Designer. It's a super exciting, scary and a totally 'adult'  job. Looking forward to learning more and more each day and facing some exciting design challenges. 

I think it's even more important now to remember to balance life + art. 
I'm inspired everyday by bloggers and artists I find on instagram and pinterest and I believe it's so important to continually surround yourself with creative people (even if you don't personally know them). They will teach you, inspire you and encourage you to constantly create. Keeping your creativity alive is one of the most important tasks you should set yourself everyday.

So get out! Take photographs, throw some paint around or even try one of those tricky pinterest DIY posts !

-j xo 


  1. Congratulations that all sounds so very exciting!! I totally agree about surrounding oneself with creative people, it keeps you inspired and excited to create. With spring coming up soon, I'm excited to venture outside again, now I just need the time to do it.

    1. Thanks Liz! It is so hard to find that balance especially after a busy day. Thats why I love instagram- it allows you to see the compositions in life and take quick snaps that you can share with other creatives!

  2. ah, yay for you! this must be such an exciting change!! have so much fun making.

  3. Love the photos!! you're ahhhhmazing. Doing a free Burberry fragrance giveaway on my blog if you want to enter!! www.xoxokat.com


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