Aroma Coffee Festival

The Sydney Aroma Coffee Festival was one word... PACKED

oh myyy. I have never seen so many people in Circular Quay. The Festival runs only one day, so as you can imagine, everyone wanted to be there. I unfortunately didn't take too many photos because all you could see was people haha but even though there were swarms of people everywhere, the coffee was delicious and made the perfect accessory for the unexpectedly freezing weather! 
Live bands, food stalls and the beautiful harbour views, its not too shabby of a location ;)

- j xo 


  1. loving your new blog layout,it shows off your great photos really well x

    1. Thanks Gaby! Loving the bit of change too :) x

  2. Hmm, coffee and a cupcake - delicious. :D

  3. The food looks amazing! I wish my area had a coffee festival, I would go and never leave hahaha.

  4. ooo it looks like a fun time- i especially love the frosting on that cupcake! and it's sometimes so frustrating taking pictures at festivals because of all the people, haha, but the snaps you took are really pretty!

    xo marlen
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  5. a friend of mine went to the festival and said it was so crowded it took him over an hour to get a coffee! it's a shame they didn't run it over a few weeks so people could enjoy it a bit more but it looks like you had a lovely day anyway. :)

    little henry lee

  6. Did you say freezing weather?!! That must have been a nice change verses the hot heat lately! And your drink looks yummy!! Great pics!! :)


  7. Oh I happened to be there that day too! I'm not that into coffee so we bypassed the crowds and went for tea and scones. I hadn't realised it was only for a day though, no wonder there were so many people.

  8. Oh this sounds like such a fun time! That cupcake looks delicious!

  9. Oh how neat! What a lovely festival, and your photography is fancy. I think the shoes are great. But how on earth is it possible that I never stumbled upon your blog before?! It's amazing!

  10. The festival sounds lovely. :) The cupcake looks really cute and delicious!


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