Dharf for Modern Dog magazine- Behind the Scenes

Hello readers! So I've been a bit slack lately in the blogging business, apologies!.. I have been busy though :)
 I've had some jobs doing product photography that have kept me very busy in post-production but i finally got a break and i wanted to share some photographs from today! I once again teamed up with Isabelle from DHARF (if you haven't check out this store, you should!) Today's brief was for Modern Dog Magazine, they needed two DIY articles from Isabelle's Blog and i helped her out with the photography. I love working with Dharf, not only because we have lots of fun but also because i get to work with these beautiful animals! Introducing, Madame and Margo the German shorthaired pointers and the adorable Luigi the poodle mix

Here are a few behind the scenes snaps :)
 Isabelle and i are also working on a wedding themed photo shoot for her beautiful custom made collars, so stay tuned!
-j xo


  1. glad you're back from your blogging break :) these photos are fantastic! ohhh puppy love

  2. These cuties!!!!! I just LOVE dogs! They are so unique and loving! Welcome back from your blogging break! Glad to have you back, Jessica!

  3. Very cool! I imagine it can be very difficult to photograph pets?

    1. YES! haha you just wished they talked. But treats are the best tool for getting the job done :)

  4. Awhh the pups are gorgeous! Glad to see you're back blogging. I love your shots!

  5. WHAT! Luigi is the best name for a dog EVER! and he is sooo cute! ^__^

    (lovely photos as always)...


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