Exciting News!

Hey guys! I Thought I would update you all on what’s been going on in my busy little world!

Firstly, my blog is now connected to Facebook! So if you would like to follow my page just click the banner below : ) The page will be updated regularly with exciting news about upcoming jobs or travels, crafty finds I think you would all enjoy, my blog posts and some awesome design freebies!
Secondly, I will be working with a new and exciting business called Dharf tomorrow, as I photograph their adorable dog collar bow ties on some very cute puppy models! So stay tuned for some adorable, stylish snaps!
Finally, the most exciting news, I’m going to Tasmania on Sunday for a week! A little birthday getaway with Patrick, so many photographs will be taken of lush landscapes, cute stalls and amazing food... pretty much my favourite things haha.
So lots of new and exciting things for my wonderful readers to see, apologies for being boring!

PS: Shout out to the The Artistic corner for designing my little facebook graphic :) 
- j xo

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