This Sunday was spent with Patrick, rugged up in my coat walking around one of my favourite places, Newtown. I was determined not to let the horrible weekend weather ruin our plans to shop, photograph and eat at some of my favourite cafes!
What i love about Newtown is the diversity of stores, cafes and people. It's such an interesting place to spend a day because there are so many hidden treats you can stumble upon. Such as the incredible street art tucked away in the laneways or craft stores like the amazing Pentimento Papeterie on King st, which houses the most gorgeous hand made arts, stationary, books and lovely trinkets. It's definitely one of my favourite stores and i ended up buying yet another journal for my watercolours and sketches just because it was too pretty not to :)!
My camera was busy snapping away at the curious artworks i would find on the corners of buildings and the amazing shop displays i would discover, such as a wall of vintage doors! That display was at a cafe called Claire's Crepes. It was so striking and to make it even more awesome, they added hanging nutella jar lights! I love this kind of innovation and its everywhere in Newtown. Mmmm pretty good weekend indeed!
-j xo


  1. like usual your photos are amazing!

  2. As I read this in the morning before having breakfast I have to say your photos of breakfast and coffee look amaze balls. We need a cafe trip to Newtown I reckon. x

  3. I love the photos on your blog! Beautifully shot and edited!


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