Luna Park

 A few snaps from a fun day out with my sister and her beautiful daughter! 
Now, although Luna Park is fun and exciting it is not for the budget conscious! We ended up paying a small fortune just for Talia to sit on my sisters lap on the few rides she could go on. Definitely worth buying the all day pass if you can go on all the rides or going after 5pm for discount tickets. With the cost aside, Talia loved all the colours, sounds and lights that were on display throughout the theme park, especially the horses on the carousal!


  1. Beautiful photos. I love all the colours :)

  2. Amazing post!! The colours are all so beautiful. xx

  3. Lovely post - the colours are just gorgeous! We keep meaning to visit Luna Park just for the photos :)

    1. It would be spectacular at night too! Now that the sunshine is coming back its perfect weather for it :)


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