Melbourne Getaway




  1. I LOVE Melbourne too! Your photos are wonderful - I really like your processing. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Hi, thanks for your lovely comment on my Blog - yours too is pretty awesome! You have great photography skills. I'll be following along :)

  3. look your shots are great, especially the first 10 or so.
    I'm going to Melbourne soon and seeing your photos and reading your words are making me even more excited! :)

  4. All these photos of Melbourne really make me want to go! I better start saving my pennies for a plane ride! ;)

  5. Just came across your photos of Melbourne :) You really have a talent for capturing intimate moments and people.

    I spent some time in Melbourne in June and absolutely loved it -- the city is so lively and diverse. Did you make it to Queen Vic Market? I spent hours there people watching, eating, listening to live music, and taking photos (which I still haven't posted hah!). What a great city... :)

    1. Oohhh you must upload those photos! They sound marvellous :) I didn't get to spend as much time there as i would have hoped :( It's my mission to take a couple of weeks off and explore all of Melbourne :D


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