Jannick Deslaurier 

Blogging about Gabriel Dawe's installations has left me wanting to show you more textile artists! Not only because it's such an interesting medium but also for the reason that, I feel it's still a contemporary medium that has yet to be recognised for all its glory! The diversity of textiles is what makes the medium such a pleasure to work in. 
For example the artist I'm blogging about today uses stitch, not only as a drawing method but furthermore to create sculpture. Her name is Jannick Deslaurier and she is based in Montreal. She creates soft sculptures out of translucent fabrics and dark coloured thread. 

The combination of the translucent fabric and dark thread creates these eerie sculptures that almost look like shells of the subject. For example her work 'Tank', 2010 (shown below) where she recreates a subject of war with  soft, delicate materials or her field of poppies that floats across the gallery's floor. 

I think these works have impact not necessarily because they are 'different', as there are numerous textiles artists creating similar soft sculpture works but because the artist aims to immerse the viewer into an environment. Thus allowing the  installation to really captivate the audience.  

I found a nice little quote on Deslaurier's website, which describes her process.  Christiane Gauthier writes, 
"The same hands simultaneously both weave a story and unravel it. Elements from Jannick Deslauriers’ work create a discourse between fear and dreams, between civility and death, between harmony and conflict, between fantasy and horror. Her work expresses a dream which enables us to comprehend fully the contrasts inherent in our human condition and which allows us to understand our true nature" 

images found via the artists website

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