Gabriel Dawe
textile artist

Gabriel Dawe's intricate web's of colour are truly mesmerizing to me. There is something so magical about the formations he creates as he lights up streets, buildings and museums with his clouds of rainbow thread, creating vivid colour spectrums.

These site-specific installations are not a simple task to create. Dawe meticulously constructs these installations from thousands of feet of multi-colored thread. One wrong move and these perfectly aligned threads will resemble the dreaded christmas lights no one bothers to untangle every year. Dawe is an example of Textile art at its finest! I majored in textiles at university and I was constantly explaining what the hell that meant! "Oh so you make clothes!" people would say. I wish! It would make my bank account a lot happier.

 Dawe explains that "In taking the main component of clothing--sewing thread--and generating an architectural structure, scale and material are reversed to create a new construction that no longer shelters the material needs of the body, but instead creates something that is symbolic of the non-physical structures humanity needs to survive as a species."

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